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God's Word about Woman Pastors:

Does God mention anything about woman pastors, elders or deacons?

View links below to hear some of God's truth concerning a major debate in many Churches.

The links to God's truth about woman pastors is a work in progress.

For those who want the know the truth I have made it easy for you. Links are provided for you.

Should Women Be Pastors and Elders? Read

Female Pastors - read

Women Pastors: What Does the Bible Teach? by Richard R. Melick, Jr., Ph.D.

What does the Bible say about women as pastors or elders? Read

Bible Permit Women Pastors in the Church? John MacArthur ... 2 mins

Should Women Become Pastors? - 4 mins

I have found this link to be for woman Pastors.

Please read the bible verses then listen to their explanations and see if you can agree to their reasoning

What Does The Bible Say About Women Preachers? | Ask the - 4 mins

This page is dedicated to link to the word of God concerning a biblical truth that seems to be ignored or not even studied by too many individuals today. Even Churches seem to be ignoring God's direction for His people and the local Churches.

Why are so many so called Christians on the fence today concerning woman pastors, elders and deacons? God does have a say but why are so many ignoring what God says? Why are so many ignoring the Bible? Why are so many ignoring to please their savior? 

I am perplexed so I made an effort to research the topic all over because one of my friend, who I admired said he was on the fence. I wondered if I had missed something since my friend was a scholar and a great man of God with talented research abilities. To my surprise and I really tried hard to come close to seeking how my friend could be on the fence. My friend was on heavy medication for a life and death situation. Maybe that made him vulnereable to the lie?

I could not find any verses to support woman pastor and I could not get anyone to provide me with any. The only reasoning I received was that some great leaders are for it and woman are educated and smarter today and Churches want to give equal opportunity. I was also given the excuse that woman elders will be able to minister to woman with their husband and reduce the problem of sexual nature. The bible tells older woman to minister to younger woman with no mention of having to wait and be appointed to be a pastor or elder etc. Wow,  I was really stunned and amazed how we humans are weak in wanting to please God but so ready to please secular world and ourself. We find all kinds of excuses to violate God's direct orders and HIS plans for man and woman.

We all have our struggles but following the structure of a local Church is eather we obey God and please God or please our flesh. Church structure should not be a struggle like the devil had trouble with God's order, why should we not want to obey our savior?

This page was last updated: May 11, 2014