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It is easy to go to the website that we have listed,  just click the domain name and voila the system will link you to their website. 

We hope this will be of assistance to you.  Please share with us some of your favorite sites that could be a benefit to others.

Alert:  At times a domain name does not get renewed and someone else purchases the domain name and creates a different website.  Could you please alert us if any of our links do not seem to be what it should be.  The link to CEF Kids activity was de-activated for a few weeks because it was not what it should be.  We have re-activated the link.  We did find out the domain name of CEF for kids link was changed.  Some other company purchased the old domaine name and is now selling videos from the old domaine name. 

Please remember if you have a christian domaine name and have created a website with that domaine name and it is popular,  please keep renewing the domaine name and set it as forwarding to your new domaine website.     

Abortion Facts                                

Alpha Course:                                  

Andie's Isle   - Uplifting website             

Ann Coulter - warrior for truth               

Atlantic Baptist University:                           
Crandall University

Back to the Bible:                         

Bible Answers                             

Bible Questions                                 

Billy Graham Ministry:                         

Bruce Wilkinson Ministry               

Campaign Life Coalition      

Canada Family Action                          

Canadian Bible Society                          

Canadian Physicians for Life           

Child Evangelism Fellowship Canada       

Child Evangelism Fellowship USA           

CEF  Super Kids Activities -                

Christian School               


Divorce Care:                                        
Divorce Care 4 Kids:                                          

Doctor Oz                                                 

The Doctors TV                                  

Dr Phil                                                            

Education  with Value                                        

Family Life - Enriching Marriages              
Fellowship of Christian Magicians                         

Focus on the Family:                  

Friends of Israel                                                    

Freedom Federation - truth news  

The Gideons                                                  

God of Wonders Video              


Happy Birthday                                         From Adopted Kids

Heaven - How to get your Ticket                        TicketToHeaven

Home School Legal Defense Association          


Insight for Living                                

In Touch Ministries                                       
In Touch Today's Moment                           ITM  Short Message       
Liberty University:                                         

Life Canada                                           

Malagash Bible Camp             

Praise Baby                                         

Prayer of Jabez                               

Pregnancy Centers                      

Promise Keepers                             

RBC Ministries - Daily Bread:                              

Real Women of Canada                    

The Tract Leaque                                

Ticket to Heaven                                

True U                                                           


Walk in the WORD                        

Western Tract Mission                 

I had the privilege of meeting and working with one of the greatest Christian kids worker in the world.  His name was Paul Roorda. Paul was a hero of mine years before I ever met him.  He pioneered many kids ministry that people use today in children's ministry.  Paul had all kinds of object lessons for the kids. He even had a custom watch made so when kids would ask "what time is it" he was ready with a gospel message from that very question.  All the gadgets, various puppets,  balloons etc.  he had was to stimulate and keep kid's attention with a powerful message that one would not forget.  In Canada,  Paul pioneered creating special animals from balloons and had a spiritual story for every balloon he created. Paul was always on the look out for material he could use in his kids stories.  Some material was from local stores but he got the unique ones from members of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians group who were also suppliers of special materials.   

Need material to stimulate your Sunday School or want new ideas, check out their site.  Their members come from all over the world, and come from all walk of life, and age.  The members are some of the best in children ministry. Young teens to grand fathers.  Some famous some not so famous.

You may not want magic but may be interested in puppet ministry, balloons, chalk talk etc. . A great place for resources and contacts.

Valuable information for anyone doing children's ministry.

Links have various goals, some are for kids, some are for parents or adults. Most links are ministries helping someone in various stages in their spiritual walk with God.  They exist to encourage and help individuals and families. Some links are for our physical  health others to stimulate to search for truth. 

I have added a few links for those wanting the truth behind secular news that are deceitful. Being properly informed provides an insight into what is really going on in the world, and allows you to support God's people rather than supporting an enemy of Christian family values.

Please note: Some links may be Americans but please be aware what happens in the USA affects Canada.  Canada does not have organizations to monitor and expose lies told by the media or politicians like the USA.  The policies of Democrats in the USA are very similar to the liberals in Canada.  Republicans in the USA  have more family values similar to Conservatives in Canada. You can gain a lot of insights on some web links.