Assurance of being saved - having your Ticket to Heaven
Study by Topics - Assurance

This page is dedicated to link of messages on the topic of  Assurance.  View links below to hear some stimulating and biblical truths on Assurance from various authors. 

The links to various messages of Assurance is a work in progress. 

Assurance & Security

James MacDonald
Assurance of My Salvation - Part I - 5mins

Assurance of My Salvation - Part II - 7 mins

John MacArthur
True Salvation Through Jesus Christ - 5mins

Can Believers Forfeit Their Salvation? (Hebrews 6) John MacArthur - 2mins

Mark Driscoll
Christians are saved in the past, present, and future - 6mins

Michael Pearl
Unsure of My Salvation - Bible Questions

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