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This page is dedicated to link messages by David Platt. View links below to hear some stimulating and biblical truths by David Platt.

David Platt seems to be concerned with the great commission of Jesus, to go and proclaim the good news.

The links to David Platt's messages are a work in progress. 

The Dangers Of Safety - 2 mins  - David Platt

The Tragic Cost of Non-Discipleship - 2 mins - David Platt

Born Again Christians? 2 mins - David Platt

David Platt - Why "Accepting Jesus In Your Heart" Is Superstitious & Unbiblical

If I Believe this Gospel by Francis Chan And David Platt  - 5mins

Why Many Christians Are Deceived - David Platt  - 2MINS

Don't ask Jesus into your Heart  - 4 mins

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