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This page is to provide good messages for all.

Good and Wise Messages:

Be Bold in Four Areas - Andy Stanley

The Message of Jesus 1a - Andy Stanley
The Message of Jesus 2a - Andy Stanley
The Message of Jesus 1b - Andy Stanley
The Message of Jesus 2b - Andy Stanley

Grace is offered not Earned - Andy Stanley

How can I hear GOD Voice? Charles Stanley

Why Pray? What is Prayer for? Charles S.

Does Fasting Help? Charles Stanley

How to have a deep relationship with God?

Marriage & Love:

Staying in Love - Andy Stanley

Marriage Expectation 1 - Andy Stanley
Marriage Expectation 2 - Andy Stanley
Marriage Expectation 3 - Andy Stanley

Advise to Husbands about Wives - Chuck S.
Honoring your Wife - Chuck Swindoll
For Men Only: Talk about your Marriage - CS

For Parent(s) - Dad/Mom:

A Father's Teaching - Chuck Swindoll

Helping Teen Daughters - Dr. Bill Mair FOF

Parenting Pre-Teen - Focus on Parenting


How to Date & Stay Saved 

Beware the Chameleon in Christian Dating

For Single woman 30 and Over

Could Submission Heal Relationships

Can you be Happy and Single - Tiffany  B.

Three Lies about Pre-Marital Sex - Focus F.


Focus on God not your problems

Can a saved person backslide & be lost? CS

Warning for Future USA - Charles Stanley

How can I remove strongholds? Charles S.

How can I be sure of my calling? Charles S.

Simple Life:

De-Clutter - Chuck Swindoll


Should  Christian play the lottery?Charles S.

Ticket to Heaven:

Right Standing with God - Righteousness
Right with God - Forgiven people
Goodness no assurance
Grace look at God's promise

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