Special Help Topics
Biblical Truth for Christians:

This page provides link to some fundamental bible truths that every Christians should know and not be deceived.

The links will help you in your search for God's truth and avoid false teaching. 

Christian Discipline:

Seven Minutes with God - Navigators

Deeper Relationship with Jesus - Charles S.

How to Hear God's Voice - Charles Stanley

Spy Lies - False Teachings - Francis Chan

Be Still - Lisa Chan

Message to Men - Francis Chan

What is Multiply Materials - Francis & David

What is Multiply - Francis & David

Spiritual Victory - Tony Evans


What is Prayer - John Piper  5mins.

Prayer is Powerful - John Piper

Is Prayer Required - John Piper

Hard Times Brings Prayer - John Piper

Pray Throughout the Day - John Piper 3mins

Prayer Answered - John Piper 3mins.

Great Commandment & Commission:

Humor clip of - Great C & C

The Great Commission

Making Disciples

Love one Another - Michel W. Smith

Worth Dying For - Infiltrate Break the Gates

The Purpose of your Life - Francis Chan

God's Plan for You - Dr. Tony Evans

Role of the Church - Dr. Tony Evans

Office of Bishop/Pastor/Elders:

Systematic Study - Elders

Systematic Study - Deacon

What to look for in a pastor-John MacArthur

Pastor responsibilities  - John MacArthur

Woman in Church:

Systematic Study - Place of woman

John MacArthur 22 – what does God say

What does the Word say - CARM

Denomination Errors that Follows - CARM

Woman in Bethlehem Church - John Piper

Songs of Worship:

All about You - Michel W. Smith

Holy and Anointed One - Randy Butler

Time to Worship - Wendy W. & Brian D.

Father I Adore You - Maranatha Singers

Step by Step - Rich Mullins & Bebo Norman

Jesus I Believe in YOU - Hillsong


Solving Problem

Fatherly Advice - Dr. Tony Evans

Resolution for Woman 1 - Priscilla Shirer
Resolution for Woman 2 - Priscilla Shirer

How to be Found by The Man - Michelle M.

Restoring Love - Dr. Tony Evans


God is not Done with America - Samual R.

Idolatry in the Church - Dr. Tony Evans

The Victory is Yours - Dr. Tony Evans

Husband Role in Home1 - Dr. Tony Evans

Wife's Role in Home1 - Dr. Tony Evans

Jesus Loves People Differently - John Piper

Marriage get Parents Approval - John Piper

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