God and Creation
Basic Biblical Truth for All:

This page is for Christians to review basic biblical truths as well as useful for immigrants who are looking for information about God, Jesus and creation.

Existence of GOD:

Systematic Study - Existence of GOD


Systematic Study - Lord Jesus Christ


Systematic Study - Tri-unity

Inspiring Philosophy - Trinity

Inspiring Philosophy1 - Trinity with Reason

Inspiring Philosophy2 - Trinity with Reason


Systematic Study - creation of man

Magnificent Video:

God of Wonders Videos:

God Created the Universe - Paul  Hutchins

Stop & Think 1 - Francis CHAN

Stop & Think 2 - Francis CHAN

God Created the World - Animated

The Seven Day of Creation - Shili.TV

Ticket to Heaven:

Ticket to Heaven - Evangelist Dad

This is an important Message for You - Bart

Salvation - Francis Chan

Science & Universe:

The Milky Way to Scale

Planets to Universe Scale

Universe - Documentary
The people  did a good job for us to understand how huge and massive our universe is. Real Scientist ponder how powerful GOD is to create such unimaginable size and complexity. 

Please note I hesitated to insert Universe Documentary because of their BIG error when they mention millions of years.  Real scientist know anyone who mentions the earth to be older than 10,000 years are in serious violation of factual science.  Huge error like an accountant who says he earned a CA designation but says 2 + 2 is equal to 5.  Big question as to who would give the CA designation and how authentic is the CA.

Take the truth and ignore the lies.

Internet - Modern Marvel - Man - God

Robots - Human Marvel
Everyone knows that a products has a creator. A painting has a painter, a sculpture has an artist.  Life of Man or Animals or Ocean Creatures is the most complex. Real Scientist understand that a powerful and an awesome creator Must exist.  Real scientist call the creator GOD. Scientist who do not believe in God call it a powerful creator.

As a scientist I do not know how some scientist can actually believe in the un scientific with no evidence of evolution.  Evolution violates all basic laws of science. To teach evolution in schools is like teaching kids the earth is flat when evidence and pictures shows otherwise. How can we expect our kids to become REAL SCIENTIST if schools continue to teach such stupidity.

Practical Decisions in Life:

Daily Habits for Daily Success - Brian Tracy

Visualize Achieving - John Assaraf

Achieve your Goals 1 - John Assaraf

Achieve your Goals 2 - John Assaraf

Great Secrets of Life - Tony Robbins

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