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Todd White - Messages

This page is dedicated to link of messages by Todd White. View links below to hear some stimulating and biblical truths by a warrior of God named Todd White. 

Tood White wants you to give the LOVE of God to people. Todd White is loving people 24/7. For Todd it is a way of life for him. Todd loves to bless people for Jesus and takes the great commission of Jesus, to bless people and make disciples. 

Todd is also concerned Christians believe too many of the devil's lies instead of seeing ourselfs how God sees us. God sees us as special warriors for the Kingdom of God.

Todd White is trying to wake us up from a deep sleep and make us realize a real battle is going on against Christians. We should know that we are invaters for the Kingdom of God. 

The links to Todd White is a work in progress. 

When the Enemy Comes to Kill - 6mins

Todd White - Rise Up - 5mins

Christianity And Psychology - 28mins

Todd White - Lifestyle - 10mins

The Witches- Todd White - 8 mins

Todd White - Becoming Love - 10mins

Todd White on Finances - 10mins

Trusting His Spirit- Todd White - 3mins

Todd White - Healing on the Streets - 9mins  girls

More Healing on the Streets - 7mins black guys

Miracles at Virginia Beach - 5mins

Todd White - Reading their Mail - 10mins

He was in unbelief of healing.. Watch as Jesus shows up! - 2mins

Why do only some get healed? - 16mins 4 guys

Miracle is His Normal Life - 22mins

Practical Examples -Todd White - 40Mins

This page was last updated: January 20, 2014