Dr. Kent Hovind explains the hoax of evolution with science background
Dr. Kent Hovind exposes the lie of evolution.

This page is dedicated to link of Dr. Kent Hovind exposing the lie of evolutions.

Some are seminars explaining real science and not the lie of evolution while others are debates with those who believe the un scientific explanation of a pure fabricated lie that evolution represents.

I am a scientist myself and cannot believe some people would still believe this hoax after real scientist explain the hoax of evolution as standing on total imaginary theory at best.

Evolution violates the basics of science and if one looked into the top scientist who have discovered new information in medicine or Physics etc most will come from the group of top scientists who believe in basic science and in God.

All the names of well known scientist from the past and the present all believed in God.

Those who believe in evolution violate basic science and cannot be taken as real scientist and that small group bring dishonor to real scientist. 

100 Reasons Why Evolution Is STUPID! - Kent Hovind Christian Creationist  - 109MINS

Kent Hovind debate vs three scientist P.h.d 1-15 - 9mins

Dr. Hovind vs. the Audience at Berkeley 17-18  - 9mins

Dr. Hovind vs. Professor of Anthropology Dr. Robert Trivers 4/12 - 9mins

Dr. Hovind vs. Professor of Anthropology Dr. Robert Trivers  6/12  - 9mins

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